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Intuitive Connections. Practical Solutions.

I’m not your traditional card reader.

For me: the cards are a tool that connects my strategic brain with my intuitive soul.

For you: they share messages, ignite a desire, empower your decisions, validate and confirm your intuition.

Choose your path for connecting to your inner wisdom and knowing to find clarity in areas such as love, relationships, money, work, and more, much, much more!

Along my own journey I was led to combine my practical nature with my spiritual side and it has fulfilled me in ways I never imagined. During a deep meditation (I was floating on the lake) I asked my inner self, “What is my why, what is my purpose, how can I serve?” 

When I was 12 I discovered Ann Landers, my moral compass. She gave practical, no-nonsense advice – and I love that, I combine the practical with a twist of magic.  Unveiling the creative artwork these cards inspire, and watching these insightful readings unfold are the answer to fulfilling my life’s purpose. Ultimately my soul is content by helping to inspire you.

Intuitive Reading

What is holding you back from living your dreams? The cards reveal the stories that affect your life, unveiling potential rituals to create your finest self.

Practical Manifesting Meditation

Create a clear and defined statement letting the Universe know your deepest desire; then using a personalized Power Statement Activation meditation we activate your dream and embed it into your consciousness.

Chakra Healing

Sit and relax while Reiki goes through your body and balance your Chakras with this incredible source of Energy.


Using your birthday and your full name we will find your life’s purpose, your destiny, your heart’s desire and more.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Use the crystal ball to discover at the symbols and images important to your life. Relax your gaze to find the clarity you are searching for. Sessions in-person only.

Pendulum Work

Connect with the crystal pendulum to seek guidance, confirm your inner wisdom, and to clear negative frequencies, restoring them with postitive ones.

Choose Your Intuitive Reading

Who am I? Reading

Who Am I? Reading

Do you wonder about who you really are underneath all the obligations? Why you’re here? What is your purpose?

The Who Am I reading will reveal treasures of information.  As we chat, I will share insightful messages from the cards. 

Come discover a bit about yourself.

Map your Possibilities Reading

Map your Possibilities Reading

What are the possibilities in your life?

In this reading, the cards will show you the path and lead you to the X that marks where your new journey begins. Uncover the buried treasure.

Are you ready to tap into the magic that’s deep within you?

Angel Insights Reading

Angel Insight Reading

Hear what your angels have to say.

Angels carry the messages of your soul. They have great stories to tell you; likewise, they want to hear your story.

Are you ready to love yourself as they love you?

Angel Insight Reading

Business and Career Insights Readings

Through this reading discover: what is working in your business, where the opportunities are to grow, what needs work, and the blocks that are holding you back.

Are you ready to take your business or career to the next level?

Ready to Book Your Session?

Discover my unique combination of practicality, strategy, and intuition created in partnership with you.  Explore thoughts, secrets, desires, pains, pleasures, obstacles, and wishes.  The magic will reveal the buried treasures that lie in each of us. It will show you how to design a map for your enchanted life.

Are you courageous enough to start?

Each session option can be booked for either 45 or 90 minute sessions

Intuitive Readings

Open your heart and mind to the possibilities. Validate & Confirm your intuition

Discover the many facets of you, your dreams, your desires, your challenges, and your blocks.

Discover the treasures of you and create a fulfilled life of joy.

Are you ready to change your life?

Treat yourself to a session now and get started!