Awaken Your Dream

with Anna Pilon, DREAM AGENT

Are you living a life of Eudaimonia?


From Fumbling to Flourishing

For as long as I can remember I have always been the person friends turn to when they want to explore ideas.

After 4 decades of jumping from job to job, cleaning up other people’s bookkeeping messes, my work was no longer challenging, I was always looking for that perfect “JOB”.

I lived a life of “shoulds”. I used to believe other people knew what was best for me. Once I connected to what I really wanted, life got brighter. I am finally free of the “shoulds”.

When you think you don’t have what it takes to make changes, you end up settling. I no longer accept this as truth, not mine nor yours.

There is no one size fits all. I wasn’t living my dreams because I was following someone else’s rules.

In the words of Barbara Sher, “I could do anything I want if only I knew what it was”.  You are the only person who knows what makes you happy, and for me, that is helping people find their happiness.

As a thought developer, I love brainstorming, taking your ideas and dreams, and finding a path to success. Helping clients turn their jumbled thoughts into actionable plans gives me great joy and pride.

All successful people have mentors and coaches, mine have taught me to share my talents with others. I look forward to sharing them with you.

Anna Pilon Dream Agent

Anna Pilon, Dream Agent

Dare to Dream

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What is Eudaimonia?

Eudaimonia is the ancient Greek word that Aristotle describes as joy or happiness.

Not the happiness of “don’t worry, be happy,” but the true joy that comes from doing something every day that leads to thriving and happiness.

People keep asking me what it means and comment that they’ve never heard of eudaimonia, so imagine my surprise while listening to an audiobook and hearing it spoken. Here is part of the quote.

“In ancient Greek, the word for the highest degree of human happiness is eudaimonia, which basically means “well-daemoned”—that is, nicely taken care of by some external divine creative spirit guide.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Have you found your eudaimonia yet?

Jo Self Strengths Coach

Jo Self, Discover Jo Self Consulting

Anna is fantastic! Whenever I need a bit of confirming on my own intuition (or suspicions) she’s exactly who I turn to. She has truly helped me make some great decisions both personally and professionally. I highly recommend booking a session with her!

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