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Breathe life into your dreams.

Live the life you’ve always desired.

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Spend 15 minutes sharing your deepest desires, your dreams that have yet to become a reality, or find out what muck is holding you hostage. At the end of our conversation, I will draw One Card to reveal the message to help guide you forward.

This is my gift to you.

Wondering what it might be like to work with me?

It’s a journey. A journey that strikes a unique balance between spiritual well-being and practical action steps toward bliss. I love getting to know each person I work with and tap into what makes you unique. While my programs and methods seem structured, they will always flex to meet you where you are and to take you where you want to go. Daydreams are wishes; Dreams with a plan succeed!

There is no one size fits all method. This is one size fits you.

Discovery Sessions

Let's chat and discover each other. It's that simple. At the end of this free 15-minute reading, I will draw a card for you that will help intuitively shape your next steps.  This gift is always free.  I look forward to meeting you.


Dream Reading

Take a deeper dive with a card reading unlike what you've experienced before. I use the cards to reveal your deepest desires and unrealized dreams. Together we will design a map as your way from dream to reality. Take the first step. 

1 on 1 Sessions

Discover your dream life and create a map of daily tasks that we design to bring you joy! We will meet over Zoom with recordings to help you with your home play and to check on your progress - eliminating blocks, self-doubt and any obstacles in your path 


Group synergy stirs our creativity as our ideas encourage each other. Join us. Build your foundation. Move forward. Enjoy success. Share  with others to create your dream life - metamorphosis - from floundering to flourishing. Together we're stronger.

There is Magic Inside of You

ignite that burning desire

Design a path you will accomplish 

Make your dream life a reality

I have a gift for discovering the buried treasures that lie in each of us. Begin with a reading that will guide you onto the path that will ignite your biggest desires. We will develop a strategy to for you to live the life you deserve. 

 Are you ready to change your life?

start living your dream LIFE today


Setting the Foundation

  • What are your dreams? – Describe your perfect day
  • Eudaimonia (what brings you JOY) circle – using the Ikigai method of finding your joyful purpose
  • Eudaimonia path – finding daily habits that support your dream life
  • Creating positive knee-jerk reaction – creating practices and triggers to motivate you

Finding Your Way

  • HAPPY – scientific theory of happiness
  • SCARY – are your dreams  big enough
  • THRIVE – 5 questions of thriving
  • JOY – Repeat JOY as often as necessary (21 day follow up from previous sessions)
    • Jumping off Point – where are you now?
    • Options – What are your options?
    • You – What are you doing for your next steps to realize your joy

Your Dream Business

  • Turn your dream into a business – Turn your dream into a successful business venture
  • Let the money speak – can you earn a living, cash flows and budget
  • Fishing for clients in a deep lake- Ideal client – create your Avatar
  • Sales and Marketing – not as scary as you think – Website and Social Media

Card Readings & Conversations

By joining us over in our Facebook Group, Dream, Live, Love, you can keep up with our Fireside Chats, the newest episodes of Talks from the Wild Side, and the joy of sharing your dream life with others.
I look forward to seeing you there!

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