Rediscovering You Workshop

Design your Dream Life!

Interactive Virtual Retreat

Take the 1st step of your amazing narrative!

Pull, Draw, Lure, Entice, Charm, or Tempt yourself into living your Dream Life!
Dig for those longings, reveal the hidden desires, create a reality of joy, and thrive. Be inspired.

Remember what you wanted to be as a Child?
Nurse, Doctor, Firefighter, Police, Teacher, Scientist, whatever you dreamt of is the spark for lighting the magic.

 Why is this a crucial step?

            Our childhood dreams were simple dreams; now we have more expressions, more choices.

Discover the hidden passion, give life to your story with art, the written word, the drawn story, the painted vision, collage, release your imagination.

In this 2-hour personal workshop designed help visualize our dreams while you enjoy intimate conversations, make new friends.  Put the kettle on and join in.

What happens in Spiritual Living stays in Spiritual Living.
This is a sacred space to share.

 I will not record this workshop.

Abundance Gift $197
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When:    Saturday, June 12, 2021 11:00am EST (4 pm UK / 8 am PST)

Where:   Zoom link

What:      Bring a journal or notebook.

Why:        Why not!

How:        Relaxing in your favourite spot enjoying tea with friends

Who:        YOU!




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Anna Pilon Dream Agent

Meet Anna, your Dream Agent.

About me, Hi I am Anna Pilon and I live a magical life.  Anna is a great place to look aound and get a feel for who I am.

I believe in the magic of everyday life.  My office faces a window overlooking the countryside on the south side of the house – what a great spot to dream.  The sunsets are amazing!

As the host of Fireside Chats, we explore different Tarot and Oracle Cards leading to  great conversations with great people.

As the organizer for Seeker’s Circle, I invite you to join different presenters in an interactive spirituality exploration.  I regularly bring in someone who is inspired and wants to share their wisdom with you.

My dream is to hear the story of 1,000,000 people.  Have a listen to some of the great conversations on my podcast Talks on the Wild Side.  From artist to zealous activist, the guests are both inspired and inspiring.

I invite you to connect on social media, read about me, let’s chat.

Questions? Contact Anna directly.