Meet Anna…

For as long as I can remember I have always been the person friends turn to when they want to explore ideas.

And that makes sense, I wanted to be Ann Landers when I grew up. I loved how she gave practical, no-nonsense advice. I found it easy to help others find solutions their problems and they were always grateful for my outside-the-box advice. I love being sought out and trusted to give advice, to guide others to their path; then it hit me, I finally had my own a-ha! moment…

I had spent 4 decades dedicated to various responsibilities and jobs, none of which was particularly fulfilling.

I realized I was not living my dream life.

Anna Pilon Dream Agent

I was not living purposefully. I was merely going through the motions and had lost what was once so important to me. Once I reconnected to the vision of what I really wanted and what I was good at, life became magical again. Knowing that my vocation – my calling – is connecting my strategic mind with my intuition. This allows me to interpret the secrets tarot and oracle cards will reveal for you. My eudaimonia – that which brings me joy – has always been the fascination with your stories, listening to you, and brainstorming solutions to your struggles.

Reading cards and using my intuition has been a hobby since I was a teenager.  Even using an ordinary deck of playing cards, my friends and I would “see” what the future could look like for us.  Over the years I have collected, shared, and gifted many sets of cards; the artistry of them is simply beautiful. This lifelong interest grows every time I pick up a new deck. The list on the card reading page is just a fraction of what’s in my magic toolbox.  Find the deck that inspires you for your reading.

My childlike wonder for life and all it has to offer supports you finding your spark for joy. A card reading is to show you your visions, a treasure map to your heart’s desire, your bliss, your eudaimonia. An intuitive card reading helps bring clarity to any aspect of your life. As a Faery Godmother, I love helping you create your own magic wand. Remember what it was like to be inspired and awed? Discover how incredible life can be. It is magical.

I love hearing people’s stories so much, I have even added podcast host to my way of connecting with others.  Talks on the Wild Side brings inspiring stories to life.

All successful people have mentors and coaches, mine have taught me to share my talents with others. I look forward to sharing them with you.

My dream is to learn 1 thing about 1,000,000 people.
I am excited to hear your story. Reach out and let’s connect.

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